David and Lis MacGregor are the Senior Pastors of Grace Vineyard Church. They lead with many other Pastors and leaders who help make decisions through seeking God in prayer, consultation with otherwise people, and discussion. The Pastors Team work in the biblical role of elders as they give leadership, teach God's Word and minister to people. Grace Vineyard's staff team comprises of pastors, operations staff, and some interns. All staff are employed to serve the congregation through teaching, training, and supporting lay leaders and members of the church.

The Senior Pastors have a Senior Advisory team for advice, and prayer support. They also regularly consult senior leaders from other churches. Our leadership team chooses to submit to the authority and leadership of the Board of the Vineyard Churches of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Grace Vineyard is a legally established Charitable Trust, whose Trustees are responsible to ensure that finances, employment, health and safety, buildings and all legal issues are compliant and legally robust.