Bazi Baker

Worship Pastor

Most of my childhood was spent living just outside of Arrowtown before moving to Christchurch in my early teens. I first experienced God as a thirteen-year-old on a youth camp and my world has never been the same! As a teenager, I loved to worship and would play my guitar for hours on end. This led me to pursue a career in music by earning a degree in jazz guitar and arranging at CPIT. My early 20's were spent playing numerous jazz and funk gigs across Christchurch, learning millions of scales and teaching guitar. Lots of guitar! About five years into my jazz journey I felt God begin to lead me in a different direction. He showed me how much He loves the Church and how He loves it when we gather to worship Him. He also started to show me the power of His Holy Spirit. I hungered for God in a way that I hadn't for years. This led me to devote much of my time to private and public worship. I began seeking God anywhere I could find him! Looking back, I see that God was calling me first of all to know Him, and secondly to lead others into knowing Him through worship. Since then I've been lucky enough to lead the worship department at Grace Vineyard as well as be involved in some amazing movements such as Eastercamp, New Wine and Worship Central NZ. God is incredibly faithful!

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