Becca France

Young Adults Pastor

Growing up, I loved going to church with my family and I can still remember truly encountering the love of God and that He is alive and wants a relationship with me at the Impact World Tour event in 2004. At the end of high school, I felt very lonely in my Christian walk as I didn't have good friends or a community around me. When I started coming to Grace Vineyard I finally felt I had a church family. I have definitely noticed that by having a great church around me, I have been able to go far deeper and grow stronger in my faith than I could have on my own.

My passion is to 'facilitate fun'! I love to organise events, trips away, weddings, all of it! I am also extremely passionate about seeing people established in a life-giving community, as I know the massive difference it has made to me. As the Events Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, I get to outwork both these passions. In my spare time, I love to go on dates with my husband Josh France, catch up with family and friends, go for walks and check out what's new around Christchurch!

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