Ethan & Ellie Campbell

Youth Pastors

Kia ora! My wife Eleanor and I came from the cold south in 2018 to Christchurch and were amazed at how well we were welcomed by Grace Vineyard church. What has captured us, has been the way Grace empowers and calls people to their identities in Christ, that everyone is appreciated and valued as key parts of the body. I grew up without a faith, with no real purpose, but I found that in the person of Jesus there is purpose, there is love and there is so much joy! Because I’m an includer, I can’t help but want to include and invite people into this love I get to experience.

Ellie and I love to get outdoors – running, slacklining and (attempting) surfing. If we ever hang out we will probably want to play a board game with you, and no doubt there will be a lot of kai involved. We are both so excited to be a part of a church family that partners with the Holy Spirit to lead people into relationship with Jesus.


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