Finn Chirnside

Operations Assistant

I was born and raised in a loving Christian home but fell away from Christ completely during my high school and early uni years. After reaching a point in my life where I had no hope and nowhere to go, a friend of mine who used to work at Grace invited me to volunteer, despite the fact I was basically an atheist! That simple invitation was the most important event in my life! I felt the grace of God immediately pulling me back to him and I dove right in. I've found a love in Jesus that I never thought was possible and he is undeniably the most precious gift anyone could ask for. In my spare time, I love to play the guitar, kick a ball around, and create an appropriate Christ-honouring (I promise) level of mischief. But ultimately, nothing makes me happier than when I am talking to people about Jesus. And I tell you truly if he can change the heart of a muppet like me, he can do wonders with you!

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