Nina Brown

Assistant Pastor - Lifegroups

Tim and I have a similar background in that we mostly grew up without a faith influence, after rocky childhoods that led to what could be described as a pretty turbulent teenage and young adult journey, we came to faith at the age of 27 after experiencing life-changing encounters with Jesus. We've changed a bit since then as we discovered God's powerful grace, love and truth, and this change has given us a deep passion for helping people to help themselves through God's wisdom and the right support to flourish.

We love to support couples to thrive in their relationships and with their kids, because of the work God has done in this area in our lives. We love our church community which we have been part of since 2008, and love seeing people connected, known and belonging to our big church whānau. 

Married at 27, we have four incredible adult children and a bunch of precious and cute grandkids that we adore! You might see us around church wearing a few different hats, which include Lifegroups, leading, praying and being up a ladder somewhere! We both love getting involved in projects that have a creative edge. To unwind you will find Tim in his happy place surfing and Nina with her head in a book!

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