Serena-Jo Greenwood

Campus Administrator & Worship Intern

I grew up in a Christian home but really began to pursue my relationship with God when I started attending Grace Vineyard City Campus in 2013. Since 2015, I've been serving on worship teams across our different campuses but based at City.

Having grown up loving animals and the outdoors, in 2019 I completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Canterbury. However, I realized near the completion of my degree that I wasn’t interested in pursuing a career primarily in a biological field. In 2020 I took a gap year to re-evaluate and asked God to reveal the next step for me.

I found my heart growing for people and became increasingly passionate about investing in relationships. Close to the end of that year I felt clearly prompted to study Theology at Laidlaw  College and made the last-minute decision to intern at City Campus in the areas of worship and pastoral care alongside my study.

Having no plan for how to financially provide for myself, I trusted that God would provide for me as I chose to dedicate this year to pursue him. Three months into my internship, I was offered the role of West Campus Administrator by Timmy. I feel incredibly blessed to have been given this position and am excited to continue getting to know people within the community at West Campus!

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