GROW is our new discipleship track. It is designed to help you grow in your faith and discover your purpose! It is our desire that EVERY person who calls Grace Vineyard home would go through this four-step course at some stage. GROW starts on the first Sunday of the month and repeats each month. You don’t have to do all four weeks at once.

Step 1
BELIEVE in Jesus
Learn about who Jesus is and what it means to know Him and live in life-giving relationship with Him. 
Step one takes place on the first Sunday of every month

Step 2
BELONG to His family 
Hear our heart and vision for this wonderful home we call Grace Vineyard. Learn about who we are and how you can find connection and growth as part of this family.
Step two takes place on the second Sunday of every month

Step 3
BECOME like Him
Discover your strengths through delving into your unique personality and spiritual gifts and how these can be used to live with purpose in everyday life and in the church.
Step three takes place on the third Sunday of every month

Step 4
BUILD His Kingdom
Connect with your calling in a meaningful way as you learn about using your God-given gifts within Grace Vineyard, the community around us, and in Aotearoa and beyond.
Step four takes place on the fourth Sunday of every month

 We will be relaunching GROW in 2020 so keep an eye out for more details in the New Year! 



Upcoming events

The Big Six

Starting in February


We are so excited to be kicking off 2020 with The Big Six, a church-wide series looking at the six key hallmarks of Christian life.

Bible in One Year



We'd love to encourage our whole church to begin reading the Bible every day in 2020! Join us in downloading the free Bible in One Year app.

Summer in the Psalms

Sundays over the Summer


Spend Summer in the Psalms at City & Beach Campus! Over the month of January, we will be journeying through some of the themes and insights from the Book of Psalms, found in the Old Testament of the Bible.