Grace is a church of Lifegroups! These are small group communities made up of 10+ people, and it’s in these spaces that people find community, acceptance, support and growth.

Our Lifegroups have an Upward, Inward and Outward focus:

Upward - We are Jesus focused, we love to worship, pray, to soak in God’s presence. We are naturally supernatural, this is the Vineyard way. We all get to play so that means we pray for each other, study God’s word and encourage each other to move in the power of God and in our personal relationship with him.

Inward - We are intimate, caring and authentic. We encourage our groups to take care of each other in love, to meet each other’s needs where possible and to support, encourage and disciple each other.

Outward - We are growing, multiplying, inclusive, gathering groups that serve our church whānau.

Our Lifegroups have three categories:

Home Groups

These are groups that meet in a home, they include groups for adults that are Mixed, Women’s, Men’s, Young Adults, Deaf, Prayer etc.

Interest Groups

These are groups that are formed based on the leader’s interests and could include Sports, Arts, Bookclubs, Sewing, Social, Gardening, or they may have a specific Spiritual emphasis such as Prayer, Healing, Intercession etc.

Growth Groups

These are mainly courses and Bible studies and could include New Christians courses, English language classes, Marriage courses, Theology courses etc.

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Upcoming events

Deeper Together

June - July

Sermon Series

We’d love for you to join us as we discover why Jesus loves His church so much, and how we are then to respond as Christians.