Partnership Cambodia

Partnership Cambodia (under the leadership of Geoff and Julie McGregor) continues to work closely with a group of young Cambodians; discipling, mentoring, and training them for mission. The team on the ground at present, are all emerging Cambodian leaders who have a vision to further the mission of making disciples and training young people for ministry in Phnom Penh and beyond. 

Recently, they have also begun to meet regularly for Sunday worship, with the vision of establishing their own faith community that will reach and disciple others. Geoff, Julie and the PC team, continue to run a student hostel which Geoff founded in 2013, helping to integrate young Cambodian men into a safe environment in the city of Phnom Penh, supporting them to grow in their faith.

The vision of Partnership Cambodia is simply to see the people of Cambodia set free from the past and help them to walk in their God-given future. The ways in which we seek to achieve this vision are varied and multiple and you can read more about it by going to their website.

Project Moroto

Project Moroto was started in 2011 by Jayne Bailey in Moroto, Uganda to provide a safe home for girls to come and live. Grace Vineyard have helped provide funds to build a large two-storey building on our site at Alakara Home to allow us to take more orphan girls in. We now have room for 40 girls to live here.

We have installed a solar water pump in our borehole to enable easy irrigation of our 300sqm garden which provides greens, tomatoes, onions and fruit for our girls. This means that the girls can focus more on schoolwork rather than carrying several 20l jerry cans each daily to keep our garden growing.

Nakapelimen Education Program: Project Moroto is involved with a project for children in a village next door to Alakara Home. NEP (with a small compulsory contribution from the parents/guardians) funds 20 children to attend one of the best primary schools in Moroto starting in P1. We fund them initially through primary school for seven years. The purpose is to give these children a chance at education, a job and a future.

The girls of Alakara do so well and we are very proud of them. The older ones are true examples of leadership, faith and kindness to the younger ones. They fast a meal so they can offer that food to the poor grandmothers in the village next to us. They also, with the money raised from bracelets they make, have built a hut for a poor grandfather in the village next to us and fund a feeding programme once a month for poor children in Moroto. They are very happy to give what they have to others.

We have found a lot of favour with the local MP of Moroto who has offered us 10 acres of land because Project Moroto is the “best project in Moroto”! The girls are praying we build a high school. Watch this space!

For more info on Project Moroto visit their website.

Rory & Jacqui White

Rory and Jacqui first travelled to Uganda in 2010 and since then have returned regularly to meet with their local friends around the country and work on community development projects together.

Current projects include:

Home of Hope Medical Centre
We are building a 14-bed hospital next door to Home of Hope, a home for children and young people with multiple disabilities.


Aroha Community Ministries 
We provide support for vulnerable children and families including mentoring, training, income-generating groups and sustainability projects.


Hair Collect 
We work with our Christchurch friends, Jake and Brooke Agnew, who run Hair Collect. This is a partnership involving hair salons in New Zealand, and leaders, wig makers and communities in Uganda.


We hold a monthly prayer group in Christchurch on the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm.

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Rancho la Hermosa

Rancho la Hermosa is an orphanage established out of Dave and Shannon Edmondson’s non-profit organization, One Generation Alliance (OGA). The name OGA was birthed out of a prayer that God would give one generation of children to significantly impact, who would then impact their future generations. The goal is to root these children in the love of God, knowing that the power of His love will dramatically change the trajectory of their lives breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Dave and Shannon started OGA in 2008, out of their passion for Jesus and His mandate to love and care for the orphan. They redefined their mission from helping orphanage directors care for their homes to also open a One Generation home.

OGA bought half of the property the home is now built on, with La Hermosa Church who would use their half and the building for Phase 1 of the Rancho La Hermosa Orphanage to care for 30 children. The doors opened in September 2018, and Phase 2 is in progress. When completed, the Ranch will be able to care for 70 children, all in smaller family units.

The Ling Family

Nick and Emily Ling are based in Bahir Dar in Ethiopia with their two sons Toby and Josiah. 

Their two primary roles on the ground are to reach an unreached people group named the ‘Lake Tana’ people with the gospel of Jesus, and also direct and manage an organisation called ‘Hidden Abilities’ which runs as a rehabilitation centre.

Hidden Abilities Website

Open Doors

Our mission is to strengthen and prepare Christians living in persecution and to mobilise the New Zealand church to identify with the global Body of Christ.

In The Field
We work through local partners and build long-term relationships in over 70 countries around the world. We partner with people who know and understand what is needed to see the church strengthened and the gospel proclaimed. Our mission is to help the local church transform their nation for Jesus.

In New Zealand
We partner with Christians and local churches in New Zealand. Your support enables believers living in some of the darkest places on Earth to be a light for Christ. Our mission is to make sure that the persecuted church is remembered in every church, every Bible study and every home.

We are part of the Body of Christ, devoted to Jesus Christ and His Commission, and motivated for the glory of God.

We believe that caring for the persecuted church should be part of the DNA of every Christian.


Liberty Project

The Liberty Project in Pemba, Northern Mozambique led by Laura Monahan, works with vulnerable women to see the chains of sexual exploitation, abuse, trauma and severe cultural oppression broken! Established in 2016 Laura and her local team, work with women to see them healed, confident and whole, through the redeeming love of Jesus and discipleship, education, practical empowering skills and freedom business!

The long term plan of The Liberty Project is to open Freedom Businesses in Pemba in the areas of hospitality, beauty and artisanal design with supporting services of a women's and trauma counselling centre. This will provide long term discipleship and ongoing relationships with women while providing employment opportunities to break the chains of poverty and exploitation through vulnerability.

The ultimate goal is to see generational change take place as women begin to grasp their true identity and freedom in Jesus while becoming equipped to provide for themselves and their children in dignified and empowering work.




Koti Indigenous Evangelists & Pastors

Since 2019, the Koti people have experienced a fresh move of God, where younger leaders in their community of faith have begun to take the ministry to the next level. Despite the constant challenges with Covid, famine, and sickness the work continues to grow! The work is very vast with hundreds of leaders spread out across the city, village bush areas and the islands. More workers are always needed to pastor and disciple the believers.

There are many great initiatives that have grown out of the work over the years including literacy classes for children, sewing machine training workshops, a football academy and now sustainable farming. Grace has recently donated $10,000 to purchase farmland in the centre of the city, along with the monthly support for 20 families in ministry.

Rob & Jenny Blakely

EarthCare is a growing network of people and organisations based in Christchurch. We work in S.E. and Southern Asia, especially Cambodia and India. Our heart is to help people receive a revelation and understanding of God as our Father and how we are His sons and daughters in Christ.

Our projects involve running workshops, schools, speaking at meetings and designing and helping construct rural water supply and irrigation for villages, schools and farms. The local pastors and church planters we partner with are often in remote, rural areas.

Our workshops focus on sustainable, natural farming and gardening as well as simple nutrition within a biblical world view. As climate change continues to seriously impact the lives of millions of rural people, the doors are wide open with people from local religions and communities welcoming the work of EarthCare. We bring a message of repentance and hope for a new way of life - the gospel in the garden.

In the coming year we plan to work in:
• Cambodia, in the provinces of Battambang, Koh Kong and Kom Pot
• India, in the states of Nagaland, Assam, Sikkim, and Maharashtra
• The Philippines, in the Palawan Islands
• New Zealand, with meetings, workshops and projects partnered with Wai-ora Trust.

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Graeme & Lucy Fawcett

Graeme and Lucy are part of the leadership of a growing church called Be One, meeting in the centre of Osaka, but with people coming from far and wide. It is very full-on, pastorally intensive work with needy people meeting the Lord and being massively changed. In September 2018 they moved to a new facility and would love an even bigger location to meet.

Their biggest prayer request is labourers for this harvest. Often these labourers come from outside of Be One, but God has been raising them up from within the church which is very exciting!

The key needs of the people they work with are love, connection and care. People are broken and isolated, they aren't looking for truth but to be touched and loved (truth comes later). This means that the more people that come along to their meetings, the harder it is to keep that loving family culture going strong. The larger they grow, the greater the need to launch new congregations (families) to enable people to be truly cared for and loved.

Bella Hikuroa

Bella will be heading to Sudan for nine months in 2021, living in the Tonj area. She will be living and working within a guarded compound where the Macleod family (from NZ) run a clinic for mothers and children. During this time she will be be tutoring their three daughters five mornings a week and volunteering in the clinic in the afternoons and weekends. If you would like to know more about the Macleods or the organisation they work for (IDAT), you can check out their Facebook pages.

Macleods on a Mission

In Deed and Truth Ministries