Project Moroto

Project Moroto was started in 2011 by Jayne Bailey in Moroto, Uganda to provide a safe home for girls to come and live. Grace Vineyard have helped provide funds to build a large two-storey building on our site at Alakara Home to allow us to take more orphan girls in. We now have room for 40 girls to live here.

We have installed a solar water pump in our borehole to enable easy irrigation of our 300sqm garden which provides greens, tomatoes, onions and fruit for our girls. This means that the girls can focus more on schoolwork rather than carrying several 20l jerry cans each daily to keep our garden growing.

Nakapelimen Education Program: Project Moroto is involved with a project for children in a village next door to Alakara Home. NEP (with a small compulsory contribution from the parents/guardians) funds 20 children to attend one of the best primary schools in Moroto starting in P1. We fund them initially through primary school for seven years. The purpose is to give these children a chance at education, a job and a future.

The girls of Alakara do so well and we are very proud of them. The older ones are true examples of leadership, faith and kindness to the younger ones. They fast a meal so they can offer that food to the poor grandmothers in the village next to us. They also, with the money raised from bracelets they make, have built a hut for a poor grandfather in the village next to us and fund a feeding programme once a month for poor children in Moroto. They are very happy to give what they have to others.

We have found a lot of favour with the local MP of Moroto who has offered us 10 acres of land because Project Moroto is the “best project in Moroto”! The girls are praying we build a high school. Watch this space!

For more info on Project Moroto visit their website.

Geoff & Julie McGregor

We enjoy seeing God expand different areas of our work in Cambodia. Particularly with the addition of Scott & Toni Johnson from Christchurch and Wayne & Vanessa MacCarthy from Te Awamutu who have joined us with their families.

We host a church gathering which started at the beginning of 2019. There are 18 people (Cambodian and ex-pat) come together to worship and share God’s word. It is a much-anticipated gathering, and we feel God leading us to continue with this regularly.

Prison Ministry: Julie works in a prison doing inductive studies with some of the women. We are greatly encouraged by the increased biblical literacy and maturity we see in the women who join Julie for this group. They continue to reach out to inmates around them, and the church service on a Tuesday regularly has over 30 women. Half of the group are Cambodian, the other half represent seven different ethnic groups from around the world. Toni Johnson is also involved with this ministry

Women's Study Group: Julie also hosts and facilitates an in-depth inductive study group for women within the missions community. The excitement and passion for the Word that God has sparked from this group, and the consequent application to their lives, is becoming known among the wider community, and within these women’s ministries. We sense that God may expand this ministry during 2019.

Wednesday Night Devotions: Geoff leads a gathering of men at the PC house, which has a strong attendance. We regularly see the testimony of God at work in the lives of the guys who are hungry to walk with Him. We anticipate supporting more young people from the village to come to the city for future courses. Please pray with us as we consider opening a second house to accommodate young women from the village church who are finishing high school and keen to attend the discipleship course.

Toni & Scott Johnson

We moved to Cambodia with our sons Liam and Eli in 2018. Since then God has continued to reveal to us His plans and the desires of His heart for this nation and its people. As a family, we are serving across a variety of ministries while balancing homeschooling for our son Eli.

Sports Ministry: Scott and Liam are both involved in a local sports ministry providing coaching, sports camps and carnival days to children aged two to twelve. Our vision is to expand the program out into the provincial areas as well as partnering with local NGOs to offer a broader range of sports options to underprivileged children. Scott has also stepped into the role of the head football coach for the HOPE International senior boys team.

Discipleship: We disciple a number of young Khmer men and women, as well as married couples and, are seeking to establish a young women’s Bible study and fellowship program.

Prison Fellowship Cambodia: Toni has been approved to join the Prison Fellowship Cambodia team. This involves fellowship visits and will hopefully expand into a much needed second teaching role in the Bible study program.

Business Coaching: We are both involved with a local Christian NGO providing mental health and wellbeing services, Scott in the capacity of business coach and Toni as a member of the advisory board.

Sovanny: Our family is currently supporting Sovanny, his wife Chuvy, and their 4-year-old son by teaching English, sharing the Gospel and providing financial support.

Prayer and Resources Space: The Lord has given us a vision for a prayer and resource space in our home. Currently, we are gathering Christian resources in both English and Khmer. We hope to expand this by purchasing and printing additional resources and furnishings to create a peaceful sanctuary for people to come and pray, read and fellowship.

We are so incredibly thankful to all those who continue to partner with us in prayer and financially as we seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those He places before us in this nation.

You can read more of the Johnson's story and follow their journey here or email them.

Rancho la Hermosa

Rancho la Hermosa is an orphanage established out of Dave and Shannon Edmondson’s non-profit organization, One Generation Alliance (OGA). The name OGA was birthed out of a prayer that God would give one generation of children to significantly impact, who would then impact their future generations. The goal is to root these children in the love of God, knowing that the power of His love will dramatically change the trajectory of their lives breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Dave and Shannon started OGA in 2008, out of their passion for Jesus and His mandate to love and care for the orphan. They redefined their mission from helping orphanage directors care for their homes to also open a One Generation home.

OGA bought half of the property the home is now built on, with La Hermosa Church who would use their half and the building for Phase 1 of the Rancho La Hermosa Orphanage to care for 30 children. The doors opened in September 2018, and Phase 2 is in progress. When completed, the Ranch will be able to care for 70 children, all in smaller family units.

Koti Indigenous Evangelists & Pastors

The work in Mozambique has gone through a lot of changes over the years. We have seen new leaders step up and the work continue to grow. In 2018 the team baptised 2,374 people which is more than ever before and evidence of the Lord's incredible work in this place.

We have a team of Koti people from Angoche working with the Mwani in the North. Our aim is to transition to a genuinely Mwani-led work rather than a Koti-missionary led work.

The pastors and community in Angoche are supported by Graeme and Lucy Fawcett who communicate with and visit the team regularly. 

Rob & Jenny Blakely

EarthCare is a growing network of people and organisations based in Christchurch. We work in S.E. and Southern Asia, especially Cambodia and India. Our heart is to help people receive a revelation and understanding of God as our Father and how we are His sons and daughters in Christ.

Our projects involve running workshops, schools, speaking at meetings and designing and helping construct rural water supply and irrigation for villages, schools and farms. The local pastors and church planters we partner with are often in remote, rural areas.

Our workshops focus on sustainable, natural farming and gardening as well as simple nutrition within a biblical world view. As climate change continues to seriously impact the lives of millions of rural people, the doors are wide open with people from local religions and communities welcoming the work of EarthCare. We bring a message of repentance and hope for a new way of life - the gospel in the garden.

In the coming year we plan to work in:
• Cambodia, in the provinces of Battambang, Koh Kong and Kom Pot
• India, in the states of Nagaland, Assam, Sikkim, and Maharashtra
• The Philippines, in the Palawan Islands
• New Zealand, with meetings, workshops and projects partnered with Wai-ora Trust.

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Graeme & Lucy Fawcett

Graeme and Lucy are part of the leadership of a growing church called Be One, meeting in the centre of Osaka, but with people coming from far and wide. It is very full-on, pastorally intensive work with needy people meeting the Lord and being massively changed. In September 2018 they moved to a new facility and would love an even bigger location to meet.

Their biggest prayer request is labourers for this harvest. Often these labourers come from outside of Be One, but God has been raising them up from within the church which is very exciting!

The key needs of the people they work with are love, connection and care. People are broken and isolated, they aren't looking for truth but to be touched and loved (truth comes later). This means that the more people that come along to their meetings, the harder it is to keep that loving family culture going strong. The larger they grow, the greater the need to launch new congregations (families) to enable people to be truly cared for and loved.

Richard & Hollie Simmons

We have three kids; River, Jesse and Daisy, and work with YWAM Wollongong in Port Kembla, Australia.

Hollie works with a ministry called Peaceful Birth Partnership. More than 99% of maternal deaths happen in the two-thirds world (typically known as developing nations or non-western world). Most deaths are preventable by simple grassroots initiatives. We are passionate about impacting maternal health globally by educating and supporting women to have healthier birth experiences which in turn help create stronger, healthier families. We provide support to women during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Whether it be helping with English, going to appointments, creating and running birth education classes, building relationship in communities from a refugee background or with women in difficult and disadvantaged situations. We offer Doula support during labour and birth and help them to navigate the hospital system. We connect with women from refugee backgrounds and run birth education classes for them at a local primary school.

Hollie also co-leads the Doula and Birth Educator Seminar - a registered YWAM seminar. This three-week training equips students to be active in the global effort towards creating safer birth experiences for women. Our goal is to level the playing field by working with women who are otherwise under-served in this area, whether in our neighbourhood or the rest of the world.

Richard works with the Communications Team at the YWAM base. The focus of our media includes telling inspiring stories of what God is doing through mission work among people groups in the 10/80 window, as well as the communication needs of the YWAM base. We create and post all the YWAM Wollongong social media, promote our schools and ministries through film and serve the needs of the base.

Glen & Godfrey Sim

Godfrey and Glen serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship, an organisation who fly small planes in countries where communities live beyond roads. Through aviation and technology, MAF helps facilitate the transformation of lives physically and spiritually through partnering with groups “at the front line” of kingdom work in these communities. Papua New Guinea is one of the most difficult countries in the world for flying.

Godfrey is the Church and Community Partnership Manager working at opening up new opportunities for targeted partnership flying projects and facilitating connectivity between ‘resource-rich’ agencies and the ‘resource-poor’ community churches.

Glen is MAF PNG’s Housing Kit Coordinator and Chairman of the Highlands Christian Grammar School, with a strong local Christian witness through education.

They invite you to get to know them and their work through their quarterly newsletter, The PNG Sim Card.

Jay & Felicia Erickson

Jay and Felicia travel frequently to Cambodia. For those who may be seeking an opportunity to explore international missions, they are equipped to host individuals or couples in Battambang, Cambodia. They are connected with a local missionary family there who are involved in everything from water purification to medical outreach, to Bible study discipleship in reaching the lost for Jesus.

Please email them for more details.