School of Sound

The School or Sound is run by Grace Vineyard Church and is designed to equip live sound operators with the musical, technical, and personal skills required to effectively serve in a church worship environment.

Lectures are held over two block courses. Block courses include live lectures as well as discussion times and practical exercises.

Topics include:

  • Introductory theology of worship
  • Setting healthy culture
  • Introduction to mixing techniques
  • Dealing with volume
  • EQ
  • Effects
  • Dynamic processors
  • Frequency ear training
  • Introduction to loops, clicks and backing tracks for Mainstage and Ableton live
  • Mixing for specific instruments
  • Navigating a digital desk
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North Canterbury Welcome Dinner

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If you’re new to Plains or Pegasus Campus we’d love to meet you! You’re invited to join us for dinner, meet our key leaders and learn more about the vision and values of Grace.