Cannabis Referendum Panel

12 Oct 2020

Euthanasia Referendum Panel

12 Oct 2020

Euthanasia Referendum Panel

21 Sep 2020

Covid Support Fund Testimonies

19 May 2020

With the support of so many people and businesses, we've been able to bless families all over Canterbury with food parcels during this season. Here are some of the testimonies we've received from those we've been able to help.

"Our food box arrived just after my husband lost his job. We cannot thank you enough."

"I just wanted to say thank you so so much for the food parcel I received today, it meant so much. I'd also like to thank the lovely man that delivered it to me and thought to ask if there was anything else you guys could do to help. That meant heaps."

"Thank you for the food parcel you guys dropped off today, it was such a big help. Thanks for your hard work."

"What a wonderful service."

"Thank you for helping people with food. God bless you all. Stay safe"

"Just got mine, thank you so much, made my day."

“Thank you all for helping and supporting families just like mine. So much appreciation and love.”

Missions Update

29 Apr 2020

We currently find ourselves in a very unique period of history where, across the whole world, the difficulties and implications of Covid-19 are being faced. Here is a quick update on how some of the most vulnerable nations we support as a church are fearing during this time.

1. Mozambique (Koti workers)
2. Uganda (Project Moroto)
3. Cambodia (Partnership Cambodia)

All three of these countries are currently experiencing a rise in food prices due to lockdown. This is putting immense pressure on those who are already very poor and live hand to mouth.

The rise in food prices is a real problem for the Koti workers in Mozambique who look after around 10,000 people in their communities of faith. Giving towards our mission fund allows us to offer emergency food relief to the people on the ground.

In project Moroto there are now 29 girls being looked after in the home. Currently, they have no schooling due to the lockdown. Through your help, we could provide internet at the home and some laptops for online schooling.

In Cambodia, the lockdown has caused job losses and financial pressure for the local workers. There is a great opportunity for the gospel to spread and leaders to rise up during this time through sponsorship of these workers.

If you would like to support the work we are involved with overseas you can give on any of our platforms using the reference "missions." For more details on how to give click here.

March for Life

08 Mar 2020

Grace Summer Camp 2020

27 Feb 2020

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21 Oct 2019