Covid-19 Update 4

24 Mar 2020

Zoom Instructions

23 Mar 2020

Staying connected with one another is really important, but we also need to keep the most vulnerable in our communities safe. A great way to keep in touch with one another and have meetings remotely is through the Zoom app. We encourage you to download Zoom to keep meeting with your Lifegroup, family and those around you who you can’t see in person at this time. Check out the instructions below for how to set up Zoom.

Watch this video:

Download Zoom here:

Top tips for making it work well
1.      Find a quiet place you won’t be disturbed, if possible (nothing worse than a dog barking to hold the meeting up)
2.      Use headphones or earpods
3.      The free version can only be used for 40 minutes so plan around that


Covid-19 Update 3

19 Mar 2020

Covid-19 Symptoms Chart

18 Mar 2020

Symptoms of Covid-19, flu and cold

Covid-19 Update 2

18 Mar 2020
Online services from THIS SUNDAY
No public church services

Kia ora, church family!
Wow, doesn’t everything feel a bit surreal at the moment with the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic!
We hope that you and your families are keeping well and feeling secure through this time.
Today we had to make a very difficult decision for the protection of our most vulnerable people.
We will not be having any public church services in any of our Grace Vineyard Campuses this coming Sun 22 March.
This is a big move for us and the first time in 20 years that we have not had a Sunday service. We really want to be socially proactive and responsible, and limit the spread of Covid-19 to protect those who are most vulnerable.
The good news is, our service will be available online this weekend, so you will be able to watch our service on your smart TV, computer or smartphone. You could even invite some friends around and do church in your own home while watching our service! We will give you all the details by Friday on how to view the service and all the relevant information.
Our team is feeling very optimistic about this new venture because it opens up a whole lot of new possibilities. It means more people can tune in from around the world and take part in our service, and we might be able to invite non-church going friends to join us in our homes to watch. There will be other Vineyard churches from around the country tuning in too.
To some, this may seem like an overreaction, or premature, but seeing what is happening overseas, it seems vital that we take action sooner rather than later. Many other large churches are doing the same thing, and together we feel a responsibility not to give any opportunity for this virus to spread.
Please contact us if there is any way we can help you,
With much love,
David and Lis MacGregor

Covid-19 Update

17 Mar 2020

Kia ora, Grace Vineyard Church family,

We are certainly living in extraordinary times with the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 coronavirus everywhere in the news.

It has been especially intense for us in Canterbury in the last decade with the earthquakes, fires, the shootings, and now this virus!

But we have certainly proved to be very resilient, and throughout history, it is in these times that Christians tend to shine!

As the world is insecure and anxious, we have the opportunity to press into God, pray through our fears, and trust in the fact that we are always safe in God’s care.

As with the earthquakes and the shootings, we will have many opportunities to serve our community, to rise up in prayer, and to provide security for those who are vulnerable.

Yesterday the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, announced that in the immediate future they would not allow gatherings of 500 or more.

Sadly this means that the annual Easter Camp at Spencer Park is cancelled for this year, which leaves a lot of very disappointed teenagers (and maybe parents!). There is a possibility we may organise some events over Easter for teenagers, but we will update you on this as we see how things unfold.

As far as church services are concerned, at present, all of our services are under 500, so in the meantime, we will continue to worship on Sundays. All other groups will meet as normal unless the authorities give new instructions.

Some people may feel unsafe coming to a public gathering like church, and that is totally understandable, but many others will still be keen to come, so we will have services as usual in all our campuses this weekend. However, if you are elderly, or have health issues, and feel vulnerable, we would encourage you to stay home.

Definitely, if you are sick in any way, especially with flu-like symptoms, we would ask you not to attend, and even if you are in contact with someone who is unwell, we would ask you to please not come.

Also, if you have recently been in a country where you may have been exposed to Covid-19, we would respectfully ask you to not come to any church meetings for 14 days.

You may have heard a lot of people say “this is all just hype, it’s no worse than the flu and only affects the elderly and people with health problems.”

Firstly, those statements aren’t factual, and more importantly, while we may not be elderly or have health issues ourselves, we have a lot of people in our churches who do, and even if someone young and healthy catches something at church and then passes it on to someone elderly or with health issues, it could be tragic.

It is hard writing these statements because we love to welcome everyone, and normally don’t have a problem with people who have minor winter ailments, but this is a very different situation.

We want to assure you that we have taken extensive precautions in all our services to ensure people are safe and protected. We will be encouraging people to use sanitiser as they enter and leave a campus, and we are also asking people not to shake hands, hug, or expose each other to germs. We will be more regular in sanitising the toilets during services, and we will be helping kids and teens to sanitise and stay safe. We will be especially cautious around food and drinks.

We are closely watching the advice from the Prime Minister and health authorities, and some of our team attended a special seminar last week to be up to date with all the precautions.

There is some possibility that the authorities may decide to stop all gatherings, like church services, and we have plans to have online church services on various platforms. We are preparing for the possibility of some people being quarantined in their homes, so we are working on ways to effectively connect with each other for support, encouragement, and fellowship.

To this end, it would be very helpful if everyone in our church community “liked” us on Facebook and/or Instagram, checked out our webpage, and also signed up to our database so we can send you regular emails and keep you connected. To sign on to our database – please click here.

This is not a time for us to hide in fear, but a great opportunity to create new ways to connect with each other and still stay safe.

Please let us know if you have any needs over this time, and if you are anxious or insecure or need prayer or support.

These times are strange for us, but throughout history, Christians have faced plagues, natural disasters, wars, persecution and martyrdom.

It is in these times that the church has often become “the light of the world” and Christians have risen up with courage and boldness.

When our community is anxious and insecure, people are more open to God, and we may have many opportunities to show the love of Jesus to those around us.

Above all, we know that we are in God’s hands and we can trust Him.

We will be praying for all of you in this season,

Aroha nui

David and Lissie MacGregor

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