School of Leadership & Theology (SoLT)

The School of Leadership and Theology trains and develops leaders on a foundation of Jesus to advance his Kingdom wherever they have influence. 

All training has two components:

Theology - exploring theology and our foundation in Jesus, his Word and his Kingdom, and 

Leadership - learning how we lead firstly ourselves and secondly those around us.

SoLT facilitates Learning Communities across the campuses. These are spaces to dig deeper into areas of interest and connection for us as a church in our vision to be disciples and to make disciples. These Learning Communities function alongside our foundation course. Each year, there will be a different selection of Learning Communities and courses offered.

Application Process

1. Fill out an online application and pay the $40 application fee.

2. Completed applications (accompanied by the $40 application fee) will be reviewed and we will make contact to discuss your application.

3. If your application is successful, we will give you the links where you can choose the particular courses you want to pursue in 2021. Choose any number of courses and pay the fee for each one.

4. Once you are registered and have paid, we will send you the link for our online learning platform where you will find all of the resources and ways to learn and connect in our School, as well as information about face-to-face classes.

For more detailed information about the courses on offer for 2021, please refer to our School Prospectus. Please be aware that the delivery method of the courses may change to online if we need to respond to any further lockdown restrictions.

Upcoming events

Deeper Together

June - July

Sermon Series

We’d love for you to join us as we discover why Jesus loves His church so much, and how we are then to respond as Christians.