Christmas Hearts

Want to help people celebrate this Christmas?

We’d love to invite you to give towards our Christmas Hearts offering this year. Over December we will be taking up our annual offering to help those who are struggling in our community.

Over the years we’ve helped countless individuals and families at this time of the year and this year there are even more people than usual to help. This includes a very special family from City Campus with three small children. Their youngest, a tiny week old baby, has been fighting for his life this past week having been diagnosed with meningitis. The Dad’s job contract has run out and he is needed to help look after his family, so they need some financial help for the next month or so while their wee baby is in hospital. We’ve also got another precious family with two young children and the young Dad has heart failure and is currently in hospital having taken a huge turn for the worst. These families, and many others, are amongst those we’d like to support this year. 

If you would like to give, you can do so by filling out the form below or head to our giving page.

Please use the reference Christmas Hearts when giving towards this offering.