Graeme & Lucy Fawcett


Graeme and Lucy are part of the leadership of a growing church called Be One, meeting in the centre of Osaka, but with people coming from far and wide. It is very full-on, pastorally intensive work with needy people meeting the Lord and being massively changed. In September 2018 they moved to a new facility and would love an even bigger location to meet.

Their biggest prayer request is labourers for this harvest. Often these labourers come from outside of Be One, but God has been raising them up from within the church which is very exciting!

The key needs of the people they work with are love, connection and care. People are broken and isolated, they aren't looking for truth but to be touched and loved (truth comes later). This means that the more people that come along to their meetings, the harder it is to keep that loving family culture going strong. The larger they grow, the greater the need to launch new congregations (families) to enable people to be truly cared for and loved.