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Marriage & Pre Marriage Courses

Here at Grace Vineyard Church, we are passionate about every couple moving towards a healthy and thriving relationship. 

If you are wanting to look at other resources such as marriage/relationship specific books, video courses and/or additional support (immediate or long term) in this area, then please email us at

Otherwise below is a list of courses we run throughout each year at Grace. 


Please Note: We want to ensure every couple heading towards marriage has been set up well for the lifelong commitment that marriage is. If you are wanting one of our team to take your wedding then we will need you to complete both the Pre Marriage Course and Prepare & Enrich.

Any questions or enquiries can be sent to

The Pre Marriage Course

Taking time to intentionally grow in your relational skills as you prepare for marriage is both essential and fun! Preparing for Marriage is a 5-week course and covers topics such as: 

· Communicating effectively 

· Resolving conflict 

· Meeting emotional needs 

· Building a friendship 

· Developing a sexual relationship 

· Determining roles.  


This engaging course is hosted by one of our trained couples and the content is enlightening and enjoyable.  


We run multiple of these courses a year. Our term 2 course is currently full but if we have enough people interested, we often run two in a term.

If you would like to do the course this term or next, please register your interest below and we will be in touch.

The Marriage Course

The Marriage Course is a seven-session course set in a lovely atmosphere with hot drinks and supper at a romantic table for two. There is no group work and you will never be asked to share anything about your relationship with anyone other than your partner.  


A healthy relationship doesn’t happen by chance, it takes effort and dedication. No matter how long you’ve been married, everyone can learn how to make their marriage better! The Marriage course is a 7-week course and covers topics such as: 

· Building Strong Foundations 

· The art of communication 

· Resolving conflict 

· The power of forgiveness 

· The impact of family 

· Good sex 

· Loving in difficult times.  


We run this course annually and usually in Term 3, so please register your interest by clicking the button below and we

will contact you as soon as the dates are confirmed. 

Prepare & Enrich

Prepare & Enrich is a very effective ministry for supporting and equipping both those in marriages and those preparing for marriage. 

As a couple, you will each complete a questionnaire about your relationship. The questionnaire is tailored to your stage of relationship and specific relationship dynamics such as pre-marital, married, blended family, etc.   


The results are then generated into a report that will allow for you as a couple to celebrate what is going well while also looking at where you can grow in your connection with each other.

You will then be paired up with a married couple who are trained facilitators. They will meet with you for several sessions (around 4 to 6 sessions) to coach and support both of you through the process of growing your relationship.   


You can do Prepare & Enrich all year round, so click the button below to register! 

Bless you and your relationship!