EarthCare Foundation

Christchurch, South East and Southern Asia

Rob & Jenny Blakely

EarthCare is a growing network of people and organisations based in Christchurch. We work in S.E. and Southern Asia, especially Cambodia and India. Our heart is to help people receive a revelation and understanding of God as our Father and how we are His sons and daughters in Christ.

Our projects involve running workshops, schools, speaking at meetings and designing and helping construct rural water supply and irrigation for villages, schools and farms. The local pastors and church planters we partner with are often in remote, rural areas.

Our workshops focus on sustainable, natural farming and gardening as well as simple nutrition within a biblical world view. As climate change continues to seriously impact the lives of millions of rural people, the doors are wide open with people from local religions and communities welcoming the work of EarthCare. We bring a message of repentance and hope for a new way of life - the gospel in the garden.

In the coming year we plan to work in:

• Cambodia, in the provinces of Battambang, Koh Kong and Kom Pot

• India, in the states of Nagaland, Assam, Sikkim, and Maharashtra

• The Philippines, in the Palawan Islands

• New Zealand, with meetings, workshops and projects partnered with Wai-ora Trust.